Wav Files (Star Trek, X-Files, Miscellaneous)
(If you have no idea how to download the files, try pressing the "shift button" and "mouse button" at the same time, on the name of the file you want.)

Star Trek Theme

Captain Picard Speak as A Borg. 
Auto Destruct Sequence 
A Star Trek & Barney Cross over..haha 
Captains Log (Kirk) 
Communicator Sound 
Riker saying Dismissed 
EMH From Voyager 
Auto Doors 
Official Star Trek Door Bell 
Door Shutting 
Dunah, Dunah Them from Old Star Trek. 
Tuvok saying "Energize" 
Picard's "Engage!" 
Spock's "Fascinating" 
Geordi "Freeze Program" 
Picard "Get off my Bridge" 
McCoy "He's Dead Jim" 
Spock "Illogical" 
Picard "Let's see What this Galaxy Class Star ship Can Do" 
Data's Famous "Life Forms" Song 
Picard's "Make it So" 
Transporter  Energizing Sound 
Picard's "On Screen" 
Picard's "Get off My Bridge" 
Picard and Jim Carry (I made this one myself) 
Ship Powering Down 
Red Alert Signal 
Troi "Captain I'm Sensing something from the Holodeck" 
Scotty "Up YOUR Shaft!" 
Data "Computer Execute Complete Shutdown of the Holodeck" (A Great Windows shutdown Wav.) 
Answering Machine Message Spock Style! (Really Cool!) 
Another Star Trek Gadget Sound. 
Picard "Welcome Aboard" 
My own Windows Opening. "Picard ,Welcomes you to Come Aboard, but in the Process, Farts but polite as he is he says Excuse Me 
My own Windows Shutdown "Just a Simple pasting of two Wav Files...Pretty neat how they Fit) 
X-Files Theme

Scully "Don't Give up, in a calm Soothing Voice..ooh"
Scully's Answering Machine
Scully "Excuse Me"
Mulder "His Thoughts on Fear"
Scully "Mulder the Truth is OUT THERE but so are LIES"
X-Files TV Theme Song
Scully "There has got to be an Explanation"
Shadow Man "They're systematically Destroying all the Evidence"
Scully "How did you know what the Password was?"
My Own Windows Shutdown :Really cool, Mulder starts off by saying "They're shutting us down Scully"


Jim Carrey "Alrighty Then"
Barney The Dinosaur being shot to Death
A Really Cool Sound...(I dunno how else to explain it)
Elmo (from Sesame Street) getting shot by a kid. (Discretion Swearing is also involved)
An Actual song by Someone. Singer is Unknown to Me.
KITT from Knight Rider Showing off his Abilities.
Knight Rider Theme Song: Techno Style
Devon Miles "Welcome Aboard the Knight 2000"
Another Cool Sound
Kid "I Made this"
Guy "Unh Unh"