Why take photographs? Back in the prehistoric times, when cameras were big and film was scarce, people had to be picky. It's so easy now that everyone does it, and why not. Pose, snap, save, share, repeat.

And yet, why? Here is the expert-approved Complete list of possible reasons.

Proof of life. Saying "I was here!" to the universe. Stand in front of landmark, hand camera to stranger or selfie stick. Click. Keep.

Friends/family contact. Saying "wish you were here!". Click. Share.

Art. Saying "wish you could see this my way!" Hack the minds of the viewers with clever beautiful compositions. Click. Sell?

Diary. Saying "This happened to me" to myself. Click. Keep. Review.

As for me --- I do it for love. Whenever I am permitted to leave my work cave, I love most of what happens to or around me. Little things, big things. People being goofy, people being beautiful, people being alive. Heck, dead things too. So many moments can be cherished again with the aid of a reminder. So many emotions can be fanned when reliving a memory, or when imagining the event from someone else's photo. I take photos because I want to save the moment of love for later. Or --- if I don't know the persons well --- it's because someone surely knows and loves them vicariously.

For better or for worse, this means I take a lot of pictures. Over time, people around me get used to it, even if they were shy or just roll their eyes. But consider this: I have had four acquaintances or friends pass away in the last few years. I have seen many kids grow up near mine. Sooner or later, their friends & family want to feel the history again. Those that have asked, have appreciated a search of my photos of their loved ones -- and those that haven't asked yet, well, what are you waiting for?

But you don't need someone else. Perhaps you, dear reader, will start taking photography with a little more forward-looking passion. Life is short, and our memories frail. If you love something, record it. You or someone else will thank you.