Me and My Sister Sue (Taken at the Resort my sister Juimiin had her wedding celebration)
Me in a Tae-Kwon Do Tournament (hawaaaaah!)
My Two oldest Sister's(Jui-ying Left, Chi-Chen Right, Getting ready for the Trip Back)
My Sister Juimiin (cooking up a Storm)
Frank = Brother in Law (Challenging you to a Staring Contest)
My Sister Sue (Improvising)
My Mom and DAD (From two different Dimensions)
Our Christmas Cactus? (Always Improvising)
Physicists at Wonderland...(Robert, Kun Li, moi, and Ji Sang..Hey guys email me!)
The St.John Guys.
Dragon Boat Team '95. Team: Ming Pao
Actual Pic of Us (Dragon Boat Team) racing. (Taken at the Islands)