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Podium of FChE

This section serves as an cathartic outlet for some of my ideas.


In 1991, the world started to make sense. By digging into the works of several masters, I came to understand that I exist in the world primarily for no particular external purpose, rather, for my own sake. My natural, in-born sort of egoism and individualism has become a rational, reasoned-out principle.

In making my own life meaningful, I try not to interfere with the respective quests of others. While I have little patience for altruism to others, I crave mutually rewarding engagement.

I don't hate war or violence per se. I think I would join in a "just war". I don't hate suffering or poverty. I feel less sympathy for a street beggar than for a suffering animal!

I have high expectations of my peers, and this places a large burden on my co-workers, friends, and family, with whom I am sometimes too critical. I appreciate their tolerance and efforts, and am sometimes amazed how many still like me.


With an egoist attitude, it's hard to get by the many roadblocks that the world throws up. Political systems, organized by well-meaning people, have become an engine of repression and manipulation. It is built upon false premise that people's natural inclinations cannot be trusted; this makes it necessary to impose homogenizing rules, often by force.

So much of contemporary politics deals with mundane issues that abstract principles are rarely held, and even more rarely publicized. Judgements guided by principles have been replaced by those selected for expediency, popularity, and convenience. It's depressing.

Ironically, my ideological opponents display a greater deference to principles than the population at large.

In search of anti-political principles, I keep tabs on several organizations whose goals include removing the burdens of principle-less politics from our lives.

A number of non-organizations or individual activists aiming to reassert classical freedom and responsibility. Take a look at these:


Technology is cool. I think its development is a great avenue for development of the mind. I hope its progress will not be hampered by outsiders.

Here are the efforts that I expect will move mankind forward to our next stage:

I enjoy learning about new prototypical efforts in these areas. For example:

The Extropy Institute concerns itself with most of these issues. Please refer me to other interesting projects you now about!

World news

See my op-ed pages for occasional commentary on some recent events.

I no longer trust mainstream news sources. Many are dumbed down to a low intellectual and moral watermark, and dishonestly allege unbias. I prefer getting a sampling of "underground" news, for example the following:

Several mainstream sources usually impress me with good journalism: Many mainstream sources utterly depress me. If they have their way, your head will turn into jellybeans.

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