17 April 2003

To: jya@pipeline.com
Subject: Post this on your web site
Date: Thu, 17 Apr 2003 01:53:17 -0500

I realize that you were just trying to help me by posting my earlier emails 
but I think it may have caused more harm than good; at least for the short 

So if you will be so kind as to post this email for me then maybe I can make 
a little lemonaide from the previous lemons.

The way I see it is if the "powers that be" at my job have already read my 
email postings from earlier then they'll probably go back to your site to 
see if you've posted any more emails.

Please respect my wishes, here. I just want to avoid any harm against my 
family and me.

And please don’t show my email address again, too. If I'm lucky and they 
still don’t know who I am then that would be a good thing. But I don't want 
to take any chances. However, I’m fairly certain that they know it’s me.

So I'd like to use your site to get this message across to them:

To anyone at my job who's thinking about causing me (or my family) harm. 
Understand that you will be met with harsh resistance and in the worst 
possible way. I have taken the liberty of gathering very sensitive 
information and I've given to a few people, along with some specific 
instructions as to how to use this information.

If anything untoward should happen to me then all of your customers (at the 
corporate level) will receive this information. Also, every local, state, 
and national media organization...all of congress...every federal law 
enforcement agency...and every large stock-oriented investment firm in the 
nation. All of these various entities will receive a detailed email...and 
all at the same time.

This information is sensitive enough to cause the company to tank as well as 
sending any non-U.S. citizens with an H1-B visa right back home.

Also, I have notified a few...let's just say "not so nice" individuals (that 
love me like a brother) about all of this. And they will be taking it 
personally if anything happens to my family or me.

These individuals already have the home addresses and photos of some of your 
"intelligence" people and my friends won't hesitate to exercise (with 
extreme prejudice) their G-d given right to the "eye for an eye" Law as 
stated in the Torah.

So if you don't want a very messy situation on your hands then I suggest 
that you BACK OFF! NOW!

Sha alu Shalom Yerushalayim


16 April 2003. Revised to delete source's address and identifying information.

10 April 2003

To: jya@pipeline.com
Subject: Israeli Spies in Texas
Date: Wed, 09 Apr 2003 17:29:28 -0500


I want to know where you got this information. Why? Because I happen to
see some of these people and I want to know if I am looking at a bunch of 
filthy rotten spies! If this is information true then I will need to  
take a little extra action).

If it is not true then I want to put it to rest and continue with my life. 
Either way, I want to know.

Here is the link to your archive that I am talking about:


I've seen Hillel Dor, Tomer Ben Dor, Marina Glickman, Ofir Navon, Zeev 
Miller, as well as a few others that are mentioned as being involved in this 
spy ring.

If you are the "patriotic American" that you claim to be then you should 
have no problem in helping me to protect myself.

If you choose not to get back to me (within a reasonable period of time) 
then I will personally inform them of your website and I'm sure that you can 
not afford a defamation of character lawsuit.

Understand this, even if you get back to me with "not so credible" 
information I'll just keep it to myself...I just want you to respond to this 
email because this is a very serious issue with me.

I may be a Jew but I am an American first. I'm a former Light Infantry 
Soldier and I'm all about the Red, White, and Blue. And if I find out that 
all of this information is true then I'll do my part in bringing them down. 
They don't scare me in the least.

Get back to me.

We never offer proof, but leave that up to readers to decide for themselves. As stated at the top of the file, the report came from John Sugg, a reporter in Atlanta. Although there were a number of news items about the report when it first appeared, I've not heard much lately. I'm not sure those named as spies would have much to complain about, rather they might be proud of it. If you can get those you know to tell more about what they have been up to since the story broke, send it over. Any info you have or may get either supporting or refuting the report will be welcome for publication, with or without attribution. That's what Cryptome is for: to publish what no reputable outlet would risk their rep over. Regards, John
To: jya@pipeline.com Subject: Re: Israeli Spies in Texas Date: Wed, 09 Apr 2003 21:10:55 -0500 Hi John, Well John, as G-d as my witness, I swear than I am telling you the truth. I see these people every day. And while I have been VERY pro-Israel over the years...after reading your site (and cross referencing against other sources)...let's just say that my allegiance is starting to wane. All of the people that I mentioned are the ones named on your site. They still work for Retalix in Dallas, TX and I see them all the time. Funny thing is...I really don't like any of them. But I'm not going to let my dislike for them to lead me to automatically assume that they are criminals...at least not yet. But if I find enough information that proves that they are spies...G-d help them because I'm going to burn them in a big way. The Federal Government may not be on my side...but the media and the customers of Retalix would have a field day with this information. Long story short...Retalix goes bye bye and all the Israeli's go the hell home! I already have a contingency plan in place that will do that very thing should the worst happen to me or any member of my family. I guess the reason that I'm so surprised about this is because you're all the way up there in New York...and I'm all the way down here in Texas. And to see the NAMES of people that you recognize on a website is a little shocking. Well John, you seem to be a truth seeker so I'm asking you to help me to seek the truth on this one. Would you mind putting me in contact was John Sugg? All of his web links seem to dead but I'm sure that you can contact him. So will you help me?