Oh hi, Stratford Festival. I have recently discovered that you have concluded you are "complicit" in "upholding white supremacy in the past". While I wish you the very best in your important efforts to "dismantle" it, I have a small question.

During which part of your history did this happen? I really would like to know, because over the decades, my family has enjoyed numerous shows at Stratford. If now I find out that you've been sneaking around, upholding white supremacy and such, well gosh darnit I feel terrible. I certainly didn't travel to your fine town to do that. I did not spend a great deal of money on your art with that in mind, nor did the rest of your audience. That sounds like a bit of bait & switch, to tell you the truth, you pretending to do world-class theatre and music, while running around secretly white supremacizing the whole time.

You're surely not expecting me to accept a moral stain for having financially supporting all that. So ... when are we getting our money back?