Congratulations to the federal Liberals and their supporters. They got a country (well, only a government, and only for the next few years), let's hope they leave it better than they got it.

While basking in the climactic afterglow, here's a challenge/question to those folks who thought about their vote. What are you expecting now? So sure, the people in charge will have changed, but what do you expect will be some effects? After all, all this governing business is supposed to be about policies & their consequences, not the emotion toward figureheads.

So, how about a little game. Step right up! Post here (or on fb) a couple of your personal predictions about change that the new federal government is likely to cause/accomplish/be-responsible-for over the next, say, 18 months. Carbon tax? Happy unions? A particular level of deficit/surplus? C-51 cancelled? Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen, as long as they are brave and specific, not mushy goo. In 18 months we'll unearth this time capsule and see how right we all were.