A few months ago, Eric invented a little word game.

Since he knows spelling and vowels and stuff, this was a natural area. When he hears or says a surprising phrase (“wait here briefly”, “potty time”), he often comes back with a series of repetitions where the vowels cycle:

wait here
waat here
weet here
wiit here
woot here

Sometimes he goes on with this little gag for twenty seconds. What’s new is that we have started copying him, especially when he’s using the gag as a complaint. Yesterday, he realized that we’re goofing around too, and cackled:

You’re playing a word game!”

So, here’s a nearly 3-year-old who invents a word game; recognizes when someone else is playing the game; and correctly expresses that recognition. It almost makes up for the other madness begotten by a pair of little brats in the house.