There is a hunger for meaning in people. Our lives are so small that to feel big and important, we sometimes try to describe our small lives and actions with grand words. But by using those big words for small purposes, we take away their mystique and their power.

Examples are numerous. Every social cause fundraiser is a "hero". Everyone who heals the sick or goes on a simple march is a "warrior". Search your favourite news site for their dispensing of these terms to normal everyday people who do something slightly out of the ordinary. NO. A hero is truly exceptional, courageous, noble. A warrior takes extreme personal risk for his nation, to kill an enemy. People who do not take grand risks do not deserve such grand terms. Let people starve for grandness. Let them stay hungry.

Opposite direction examples are also numerous, where to slam a person or an idea, a commonly hated person or idea is cited. Labelling people as Nazi or racist or commie or hater or misogynist or whatever ... is now so low-effort and cliché as to be laughable. But that took a long time. Until then, the guilt-by-mental-association was a murder weapon.

In both these cases, the misused words and the language are figurative victims. But real victims exist too: the person in the audience, the person who reads that someone is a nazi or a hero or a thought-leader, when they are clearly not. It shakes their confidence, muddles their thinking. It lowers their defences toward further abuses of persuasion. It literally dumbs them, and is intended to.

We need a word warrior hero to protect the language from nazi thoughtwreckers! Until one shows up, please speak up for precise use of language.