Most of a video interview between yours truly and the linux kernel summit organizers has been posted.

UPDATE: I somehow missed the presence in the video clip of a question I thought was skipped in the final edit. I am sorry for my mistake:

There was an additional question whose gist I’d like to note here. I expect its exclusion was due to factors other than political correctness.

I was asked about solaris dtrace. For the record, I remember saying something like that it was a fine tool, and appeared to be well designed considering the rather different constraints imposed by that development community. I wished that both of “us” would live long and prosper.

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I wonder if some of those voting for their favoring inspiring leader candidate can still exercise a scientific detachment about it all.

Specifically, I wonder whether they are willing to risk being wrong, by making testable predictions about the future. You know, “If McCain wins the presidential election, there will be a new war within six months.” or “If B.H.O. wins, his broad approval rating will stay above 50% for several years.”. Or anything quantifiable, specific, falsifiable .

If one’s not willing to make specific predictions about the expected future, then one’s fervency for or against a candidate is nothing other than blind faith or hatred.

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