Juimiin is not a fan of video games.

It could be just the shortage of testosterone, or a sheltered upbringing, but when I go to play a game, the least bad response I can expect is an eye roll. If the brats are in the area, I regularly get an earful about how poor an influence game X must surely be.

But yesterday, a breakthrough. Elefunk on the PlayStation3 is a game any engineer might enjoy — rather like SimCity or Lemmings. In this game, the player must construct a reinforcing truss to allow animated elephants and friends cross chasms on wimpy walkways. One has a finite budget of parts, and the simulation penalizes structures that are too heavy or too weak. Anticipating a collapse on the screen is as dreadful as watching the Caminito del Rey videos on youtube.

Juimiin approved this game.

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The prize line from Wednesday’s Milt Rosenberg / Stanley Kurtz talk show affair comes at 37:10 into the program

Rosenberg: Barack Obama appeared once on this program, before he went to the state senate. … I thought him a very graceful, interesting guy, with a rather impressive speaking manner, but was not necessarily much impressed by the quality of his thought …
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