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[FChE visage 1997, by Jason Molenda] [FChE visage 2003, by Ross Chevalier]

Frank Ch. Eigler


I first saw the world in the 70s in Hungary; after that, I lived in Austria, and the recent half of my life in Canada. In the mid 90s, I moved into a little house in a big town that I shared with my wife, Juimiin Hong 洪瑞敏, and now our recently mitosed mini-human Eric. In the mid 20s, I moved into a big house in a little town with all of the above, plus another mini-human, Stuart.


I work in the computer business, and have studied my craft since age 14. This page describes my academic & industrial history.


Take a look at a list of strangers. It includes friends, inspirations, and a few people whom I miss dearly. If you are on this list, I would love to hear from you!


Visit my old works of art page to prove that my mind curled differently in school. If you are friend or family, you may have access to a private photo album. I try to promote secure communication, so consider encrypting mail sent to me. Here is my GnuPG key. My favorite hobbies are target-shooting (see e.g., my gun club), flying little airplanes (see my current flight club), and training in karate (see my dojo). Some of my favorite photographs are public.


My perfunctory weblog is here. I am also collecting some web mirrors of controversial materials.

Last modified: 2017-05-06
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